For three consecutive years, our school, María Auxiliadora, has participated in the Amco’s Flash Fiction Contest; a writing contest addressed to any student who is in 5th or 6th of Primary in every school enrolled in the Amco’s programme in Spain and, we are very happy to say that one of our student, Diana Arqués (5th of Primary), got the second place for her story “Save New Atlantis”.

On February the 9th, we celebrated a special moment with her family, English teacher, and our Academic Consultant, Stephen Printz, who came personally to deliver the prize and to tell her how excellent her story is in terms of creativity and imagination.

Although students could participate voluntarily in the contest, this was asked as a compulsory activity. All the students in 5th and 6th of Primary wrote their stories by using Chromebooks and with their English teacher help. Students used the Amco digital story cubes with different settings, characters, objects, actions, and problems to write their stories and all contexts were related to the Sustainable Development Goals. That is to say, all problems were related to the environmental issues the world is facing today.

Our school is very committed to teaching and learning English. That is why we teach all the skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Although we focus on the oral skill that will allow our students to face real situations in real life, we consider writing a very important skill they must practice. As mentioned before, our school has participated in this contest for three consecutive years and we feel very proud of the results, since last academic year our two students Paula Montreal, who was in 5th of Primary, and Elvira Caballero, in 6th, got the first and third places respectively.

Yesterday, we received the video from Amco and we are so proud of Diana, that we need to share it with all of you. CONGRATULATIONS, DIANA!!!

IV Amco Flash Fiction Contest – ‘Story Cubes’ Edition – WINNERS 2022

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